Your chance to help shape the future of Grimsby

Aerial view, Port of Grimsby
-Credit: (Image: North East Lincolnshire Council)

Residents are being invited to help shape the future of Grimsby in the way they would like to see it going forwards.

Our Future, a charity working to effect positive change in communities, has launched Grimsby Together, a project to build the vision for the town people want in ten years’ time, a vision that is built by the citizens right here in Grimsby. Working with North East Lincolnshire Council, Grimsby Town Football Club and many other partners, Our Future will develop a clear understanding of what the people of Grimsby want to see.

In the coming weeks, local residents will have the opportunity to take part in a mass online conversation, as well as events including history walks, writing workshops and a prioritisation event, which will help to develop a collective vision for the town. The online conversation is open until Sunday, June 9 and uses Polis, a mass online conversation tool which helps to find consensus across large groups of people.


You can vote on ideas put forward by others as well as give your own. The process has been described as “super simple and anonymous”. On the site, participants are presented with a set of statements that others have already contributed, to which you can agree, disagree or pass on if unsure.

You can also add your own comments, which other members of the public can the respond to in the same way. Based around local people and businesses’ views, the platform helps to identify areas where there is consensus and support.

The results will then feed into a yen-year vision for Grimsby and investment plan being developed by the council and will inform how £20m is invested in Grimsby over the next decade as part of the Department for Levelling Up’s Long-Term Plan for Towns.

Grimsby was chosen in October 2023 as one of 55 towns to be part of the initiative. A spokesperson said: “This conversation provides local people with a real chance to shape the future of Grimsby and influence how the funding is spent.”