Chancellor Philip Hammond attacked for bizarre Brexit ‘house moving’ analogy

Philip Hammond tried to explain how the Brexit process would work this morning but his bizarre analogy was met with a fair amount of mockery.

The Chancellor appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and compared the time it will take to leave the EU to moving house.

Speaking about transitional arrangements over the next four years, he said: “We will have left the EU and I think what people will expect us to do is put in place arrangements to then move from where we were when we were members to where were are going to be in a longterm future partnership.”

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Attempting to explain, he then added: “When you buy a house you don’t necessarily move all your furniture in on the first day you buy it.”

Confused listeners were not quite sure what Mr Hammond meant, as it is pretty standard practice to move everything on the day you move house.

People were of course quick to point this out:

Others also felt the Chancellor inadvertently just revealed how rich he is:

Mr Hammond’s comments about a long divorce process will no doubt infuriate hardline Brexit supporters.

Many Conservative MPs have been pressing for a swift break with the EU and have been exasperated by the Chancellor’s attempts to argue for a “softer” Brexit.

Top pic: Rex