Channel 4 adverts to feature online abuse

By Sherna Noah, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Channel 4 is broadcasting the abuse directed at some of the faces in its adverts for being disabled, black or gay.

When Nationwide, McCain and Maltesers commercials previously aired, the people featured were subjected to abusive tweets.

The McCain advert will also feature special effects (Channel 4)

Now the broadcaster will be repeating the adverts, this time overlaying on-screen some of the comments directed at the people in them.

The adverts are being aired with the full consent of those featured.

And Channel 4 said that the brands wanted to highlight the issue of online abuse.

Gay parents in a McCain commercial were called everything from “degenerate poofs” to “sickening” and a black poet in a Nationwide advert was told he “looks like a gorilla” and “everyone of them snide poets needs kicking to death”.

A wheelchair user in a Maltesers ad was told “normal humans walk on two legs” and called “disgusting, freakish and awful”.

The Nationwide advert (Channel 4)

The adverts will air on Friday, during the first episode of the new series of Gogglebox, after the watershed, and will also feature special effects to show cracking screens, digital distortion and mould creeping on to the screen.