Channel 4 will explore how women can 'super-orgasm'

Joe Anderton
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This article (obviously) contains adult content that is not recommended for young readers.

This Thursday, put on this classic P!nk masturbanger and flick on over to Channel 4, as the network is going to delve into the mysterious phenomenon known as The Super Orgasm.

More specifically, the documentary is going to try and explore how some women can have multiple orgasms in one go.

And by multiple we mean up to 100. Blimey.

So how is this all going to work? Well, scientists are going to monitor the brains of various women while they engage in a little bit of self-loving, as well as examine their vaginas to look at things like the blood flow and whatnot.

They will also look at the lifestyle choices of their participants to see if that has an impact on how many times they can orgasm in one session.

By the climax of this hour (and five-minute) long documentary, will the scientists actually uncover a solid formula that would let almost any woman achieve a 'super-orgasm'?

We'll have to wait until 10pm on Thursday (April 13) to find out.

As an aside, if the documentary doesn't use at least one of the songs we've embedded on this page, then they've definitely missed a trick.

And while we're on the subject, did you know that a vibrator manufacturer was recently sued over sharing people's 'intimate' data?

Okay, it's not the most relevant story, but we're just trying to (ahem) fill the space.

Promise we're done now.

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