Channel 4's A Place in the Sun host 'disappointed' as couple move into caravan

-Credit: (Image: Channel 4)

A Place in the Sun's latest episode ended on a rather bitter note when host Craig Rowe expressed his "disappointment" after a guest revealed: "It makes me want to cry".

The popular Channel 4 programme featured brothers Mark and Simon on their quest to find the perfect Spanish coastal home in Almeria, having temporarily moved into a caravan following the sale of their UK residence. With a solid budget of £225,000, they were ready to invest in their dream property.

Initially, Craig showed them an impressive six-bedroom villa that seemed like a dream come true, especially as it was priced below their maximum at £219,000, which they found "unreal".

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Mark and Simon on their quest to find the perfect Spanish coastal home on A Place In The Sun -Credit:Channel 4

However, the second viewing didn't quite hit the mark, with Mark admitting he "wasn't feeling it". The third property, with its stunning mountain vistas, was a strong contender and was described as "breathtaking" by the eager siblings.

But it was the fourth house that truly captivated them. Valued slightly above £218,000, this newly refurbished home was conveniently located next to a bar and featured a solarium, a courtyard garden, and an outdoor swimming pool, reports the Daily Star.

An overwhelmed Mark commented: "I'm lost for words. It makes me want to cry, the whole place. I'm speechless."

The situation soured when the brothers made their offer, proposing a significantly lower £180,000, leaving Craig in shock. Their offer was declined, and they chose not to increase it, much to Craig's disappointment.

A Place In The Sun
The family broke down after seeing a perfect property -Credit:Channel 4

Craig admitted feeling "disappointed" with the outcome, and as the episode wrapped up, it was disclosed to viewers that the family is still on the hunt for their ideal home.

The show has seen its fair share of emotional moments, like when sisters Sheila and Pamela were moved to tears earlier in the year while searching for their dream Spanish abode with Danni Menzies.

The siblings brought their mother's ashes to fulfill her final wish of owning a property in the sunny climes of Oliva, Spain. With a budget of £60,000, they were visibly emotional upon finding a "perfect" three-bedroom house complete with a roof terrace.

In the end, the sisters declared, "This is what we want. We don't want a holiday-looking place. It's got to be a home". Their bid of £62,500 was accepted, much to their delight.