Channel 4’s Sex Box Show Is Branded A Freak Show By Befuddled Viewers

Anything presented by Steve Jones is arguably a turn off.

But viewers of Channel 4’s Sex Box circus – which sees couples have intercourse inside boxes – has been branded one of the weirdest and bizarre sights on television.

Real-life couples talk about their sexual preferences on the show fronted by Jones, below, and ‘sexologist’ Goedele Liekens, before heading into a box to play out what they’ve just talked about.


After it’s latest airing last night, viewers flooded social media with criticism.

One wrote: ‘What am I watching with #sexbox?! Seems a little more interesting than last time, but still so so weird and bizarre.’

Another vented: ‘Like why would you go on that show?’


A couple on last year’s show.


And one wrote: ‘#SexBox has to be the weirdest minute of TV I have ever watched in my life. Steve Jones going from F1 yesterday to talking about sex today.’

Others said it was the most cringeworthy thing they’d ever watched – but admitted it was highly addictive.

Pictures Getty Images/REX Features

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