Channel 5 The Night Caller full cast list and surprising filming location for Liverpool set show

Channel 5 publicity image for The Night Caller starring Sean Pertwee (front) and Robert Glenister
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The first episode of The Night Caller arrives on our screens tonight.

The new Channel 5 drama premieres at 9pm and follows a lonely taxi driver’s growing obsession with a late-night Radio DJ. The show is set in Liverpool and stars Robert Glenister as taxi driver Tony Gilroy.

Although the show is set in Liverpool, it was actually filmed in Dublin. Director Diarmuid Goggins provided an insight into the process saying: "We shot the majority of the series in Ireland and then sent over a second unit to do a few days in Liverpool and get the backdrop of the city.

"So everything that looks at Robert in the cab was shot in Ireland, and everything that looks out of his window was shot in Liverpool. So, we spent three days in Liverpool, not celebrating the nightlife but filming it. And we got key shots of Anfield and the churches and docks.

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"A lot of series will shoot in different cities to where the story is set these days, and I was apprehensive because sometimes it doesn't work. It's hard to cheat certain parts of the world and I never want to break the illusion for viewers.

"I’ve tried to film a London show in Dublin before, for example, and they're very different cities. London is much bigger, it's got far more high-rise architecture and the scale of it is immense, so I don't think that worked. But there's much more shared history between Liverpool and Dublin. There's a similarity in the red brick architecture and the docks.

"When we drove round we realised pretty quickly that they're not a million miles apart. Eagle-eyed viewers will probably notice that but I think it's quite seamless."

The show comprises four episodes and sees lead star Robert adopt a Scouse accent for the role. The actor, who hails from Watford, lifted the lid on how he mastered the Liverpudlian tone. He said: "I’ve worked in Liverpool a few times before, so it wasn’t too much of a worry.

"Diarmuid offered me the chance to do a different accent but I thought it was too complicated to change things so I just went for it. It was a good challenge. I had a couple of sessions with a dialect coach, who was really helpful, and the powers that be seemed happy. I asked Stephen Walters, who plays Rob, to pull me up on the accent if it sounded dodgy but he said it was fine. Hopefully there aren’t any disgruntled Scousers when this goes out!

The new drama will air over four consecutive nights and boasts a star-studded cast. We have listed the full list below.

The Night Caller full cast list

  • Robert Glenister - Tony Conroy

  • Sean Pertwee - Lawrence Brightway

  • Suzanne Packer - Rosa

  • Stephen Walters - Rob

  • Anthony Brophy - Stephen

  • Esther Ayo James - Hen

  • Grainne Keenan - DS Marshall

  • Martin McDonagh - Cafe owner

The Night Caller stars on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm

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