Chaos Ensues as Woman Wakes Up to Find Raccoon in Christmas Tree

There were chaotic scenes in the early hours of December 10 for a woman in Tallahassee, Florida, after she woke to find what she first thought was a cat, but was actually a raccoon, in her Christmas tree.

Aubrey Iacobelli’s video shows her trying to coax the creature out of the tree at around 4:30 am, using a pan and then some vinegar, as her dog looks on.

Things get a little bit more hectic when dog and raccoon eventually tangle, pulling the tree down with them and shattering some ornaments. The escaping raccoon did not make it outside, however, but only into the dining room, where it took refuge in a chandelier

“After cleaning up a bit so I wouldn’t step on broken glass … [I] grabbed the broom and prodded the raccoon off the chandelier,” Iacobelli said.

She told Storyful she eventually got the animal out, and it disappeared into the woods.

“The whole thing ended around 5:30 am,” she said.

Iacobelli said her dog was fine and just had some minor scratches. “The vet thought it was hilarious,” she said, admitting, “It does seem kinda funny.” Credit: Aubrey Iacobelli via Storyful