'Chaotic' Commons Brexit debate suspended as MPs have to rush for hard copy of White Paper

Chris Parsons
News Editor
Chaos: MPs rush to hand out the White Paper in the Commons

A Commons Brexit debate was suspended during chaotic scenes today as MPs were only handed the government’s White Paper minutes before discussions.

Speaker John Bercow has suspended the sitting of the Commons for five minutes while MPs distribute the Brexit White Paper.

In ‘shambolic’ scenes, MPs heckled Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, demanding to know why the White Paper had not been distributed earlier.

Mr Raab confirmed from the despatch box that the paper was available in the voting office – at which MPs from both sides of the House began running from their seats.

Minutes later Labour and Tory MPs appeared back in the Commons with boxes full of the White Paper.

Labour former minister Ben Bradshaw could be seen throwing copies of the document to MPs on his own bench – at which Mr Bercow decided to suspend sitting.

Mr Bercow has now resumed the sitting of the Commons after an earlier dispute over the distribution of the Brexit White Paper.