Chaotic scenes outside US Embassy in Jakarta as Indonesia Muslims protest over Israel air strikes

More than 1,000 Muslims rallied outside the US Embassy in Indonesia’s capital on Friday (May 21) denouncing Washington's support for Israel. Video shows chaotic scenes in Jakarta as police in hazmat suits seize protesters standing on top of a vehicle while making speeches on a loudspeaker and hauling them into trucks. They marched from mosques after Friday prayers to a major street outside the embassy in a protest organised by the Islamic Student Association, among others. More than 3,000 police were deployed to the embassy, according to reports. Hamas and Israel agreed a ceasefire on Friday after 11 days of cross-border hostilities. According to the Associated Press, Indonesia does not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel and there is no Israeli embassy in the country. President Joko Widodo has condemned the Israeli airstrikes. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.

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