Charging herd of 45 cows 'like earthquake' causes chaos during stampede

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A hilarious video has captured the moment a herd of 45 cows ran amok in Ripon. The footage shows 16 year old Leon sprinting away from the charging bovines.

He had ventured out to the corner of their street after hearing about the loose cows, but was taken aback when he saw them hurtling towards him. His mother, Jess Box, 36, said the entire family rushed out in surprise when around 45 cows stampeded past their home at approximately 8.10pm on Friday, July 5.

She suspects that the cows managed to push through a kissing gate in their field at the end of the street. "It sounded like an earthquake." said Jess, who works for a housing association.

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Adding: "My eldest had just got to the corner. A few of his friends had mentioned some loose cows. They couldn't see any road, just a load of cows."

Her husband Matt, 37, an electrician, and their two other children, Charlie, nine, and Archie, seven, watched as the herd invaded their neighbours' gardens. The cows then split up and were last seen heading into town.

It reportedly took several hours and the assistance of North Yorkshire police to round up all the cows. "They made a mess. There is quite a lot of poo. It's pretty gross."

Jess commented. "Quite a lot of people have said it's the funniest thing they've seen." North Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment.

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