Charity that helps children and adults with disabilities pays huge thanks to superstar volunteer Alex

Alex Bond alongside his mentor Amy Anderson at the Chamwell Centre in Gloucester
-Credit: (Image: Will Luker)

A volunteer has been commended for his commitment after three years of service at a Gloucestershire charity centre that transforms the lives of children and adults with disabilities, whether permanent or temporary.

Alex Bond, aged 24, who is autistic with learning difficulties, is a superstar volunteer for the Chamwell Centre after he attended neighbouring Milestone School for children with individual needs. An important community in Gloucester for persons with disabilities and special educational needs, what Alex does is deserving of recognition to mark Volunteers Week 2024 this week.

Helping in the community cafe is what Alex is really good at doing for visitors and in his spare time he loves playing Taiko drums.

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Speaking with guidance and support from Fundraising Manager Ria Heap, Alex says he loves: "loading and unloading the dishwasher and I like putting smiles on people's face. I like seeing my best friends here and regular customers. I like being helpful as it gets really busy on the lunch rushes.

His mentor Amy depends on Alex to help her and the importance of Alex's role means he is vital to Chamwell. Talking about the space he has for the community, Alex adds: It (Chamwell) is very important to me. I come twice a week on Wednesday's and Thursday's at 10am and I do lunchtime."

A hardworking, friendly person - Chamwell would be lost without Alex, a volunteer given an opportunity to help and support others.