Charles Bronson's new wife Paula Williamson is all smiles as she's pictured after their wedding

She married Britain’s most notorious prisoner yesterday, and Paula Williamson was all smiles as she emerged from her hotel today.

The former Coronation Street extra, 37, tied the knot to the 64-year-old prisoner at Wakefield jail in a star-studded ceremony after arriving under a purple cloak.

Charles Bronson’s new bride Paula Williamson was all smiles the day after her wedding. Copyright [SWNS]

Paula was spotted wearing a pair of sunglasses earlier today and she had a glove on her left hand, where her wedding ring would have been placed by Bronson, who was thought to have been handcuffed to a guard during the ceremony.

Her dress wasn’t revealed to the public as she arrived at the jail under a purple cloak after being driven there by Bronson lookalike Timothy Crowley.

According to The Sun, Bronson was in tears as he watched his soap star bride walk up the aisle and then told her: “You are the most beautiful bride in the world.”

Paula Williamson had a big smile on her face the day after her wedding. Copyright [SWNS]

Several stars were in attendance at the wedding reception, including Katie Price’s ex Alex Reid.

He posted a picture of himself and his fiancee Nicola Manashe at the bash, and added the caption: “Cheeeeeeessseeeeeee #charlesbronson #weddingday (sic)”

Other guests included feared gang boss Eddie Richardson – a former foe of The Kray twins – retired prison guard Mick O’Hagan, and former gangster Dave Courtney.

Charles Bronson has been in prison since 1974

According to the Daily Mirror, Paula – who has also starred in Emmerdale and Hollyoaks – spent just two hours with Bronson and they were married by a registrar.

Bronson’s long-time supporter Andrew Parkin wrote on Facebook afterwards: “Back to my room at Charlie’s and Paulita Salvadors wedding I’ve been so privileged. Finally been allowed to let people know. (sic)”

Paula Williamson arrives at Wakefield jail under a purple cloak ahead of wedding. Copyright [SWNS]

While Bronson – who now goes by the name Charles Salvador – is still in prison, Paula is said to be going to Malta for her honeymoon, albeit without her husband.

Bronson has been in prison since 1974, serving life for robbery and kidnap.

He was given a life sentence in 1999 after taking prison art teacher Phil Danielson hostage at HMP Hull when he criticised one of his drawings.

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