Charles and Camilla's cheeky new four-word nicknames at Chelsea Flower Show

While touring the Chelsea Flower Show, King Charles and Queen Camilla earned playful titles of 'King of the Compost' and 'Queen of the Bees'. The monikers were given by a group of kids from Sulivan Primary School in London, who also gifted the royal duo with badges bearing their newly accorded titles during the visit to the annual show on Monday, before it had opened to the general public.

The young green thumbs had created a particular 'RHS No Adults Allowed Garden', especially for distinguished guests like the royal couple. Imagined and executed by Harry Holding and his schoolmates, the colourful garden featured an enchanting mix of rich woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and grand bog plants.

In line with its quirky name, adults could only tour the fantastical garden if they promised one of three things planting a tree, extending support to the RHS Campaign for School Gardening or enthusiastically hunting for a flower that shared its first letter with their names. Accepting his badge, the merry monarch playfully agreed with his title, saying "quite right", he then continued on to appreciate more of the gorgeous gardens on display.

The Royal Family has a history of utilising unique nicknames for each other, with Charles and Camilla previously admitting they tend to refer to one another as "Fred and Gladys", an endearing nod to the comedy characters from BBC Radio's The Goon Show, reports the Mirror.

The surprising couple's pet names add an intriguing touch to their growing string of shared titles. But it was their recent trip to the Chelsea Flower Show that revealed an unexpected peek into their TV watching preferences.

The royal pair took a moment to explore a garden modelled after Netflix's mega-hit series, Bridgerton. It seems the Queen is quite the fan!

Camilla confessed: "I watched the first lot" during her tour of the garden, which specifically mimics the journey of Penelope Featherington, Season 3's protagonist, portrayed by Nicola Coughlan. The garden was meticulously arranged to mirror Penelope's narrative arc, encapsulating "feelings of secrecy, growth and desire," cites the official RHS website.

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