Charles Manson's grandson wins court battle for notorious killer's corpse

Tom Powell
Manson orchestrated the killings of nine people in 1969: AP

A grandson of cult leader Charles Manson has won a court battle for the killer's corpse.

Jason Freeman of Florida can collect the remains of Manson from the morgue in Bakersfield, a Kern County Superior Court commissioner ruled.

Manson's body has been on ice since he died in November at the age of 83 after nearly half a century behind bars.

He had been serving a life prison sentence for orchestrating the 1969 killings of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and eight others.

Manson died last year ages 83 (AFP/Getty Images)

The fight for Manson's remains was waged between Mr Freeman, a man who claims he was fathered by Manson before his followers carried out the heinous slayings and a pen pal who collects so-called Manson memorabilia.

After learning of his victory over the other two, Mr Freeman told CNN: "I can finally say this part is over. I never looked at it as being a battle between anybody."

He added: "This is unreal -- this is something I actually played out in my mind ever since I was a kid."

He said he plans to hold a small family ceremony and cremate his grandfather's remains.

The dispute over the body foreshadows a similar fight over his estate in a Los Angeles courtroom.