Charleston Authorities Relocate Alligator Found in Parking Garage

Police in Charleston, South Carolina, said on May 23 that officers had worked with officials from a number of other agencies to relocate a “lost” alligator that had been found in a parking garage.

The incident occurred over the preceding weekend, police said.

Footage posted by police shows a number of officers diving on the creature before taping shut its mouth.

“They got this big guy safely relocated out of a parking garage,” police said. Credit: City of Charleston Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- 2, 3.

- All right, safe?

- Yep.

- I got it.

- I got it.

- Got it.

- Go underneath.

- Yep, I'm good.

- One more time.

- Yeah, good.

- Its smell pretty bad, and I don't think that's the gator.

- We getting loose?

- Yep, all right. Get your feet off of him.

- All right, I'll come up.

- OK, oh, we're going to handcuff him with the duct tape.

- Are you really?

- So back legs can come up between the tush.

- All right, I've got his back legs.

- Grab the foot.

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