Charlie Hunnam Cringes as He’s Forced to Watch Early Acting Performance

Charlie Hunnam went on The Graham Norton Show to talk about his new film, King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword, and Norton had a bit of a throwback surprise for him.

Actor Charlie Hunnam (Photo: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Hunnam’s first acting role was in a show called Byker Grove, and since he appeared in it almost 20 years ago, Hunnam has not seen the scene. So, of course, Norton showed him the clip. It featured Hunnam as a ponytailed teenage model, giving some advice to a new model. The scene was … interesting, to say the least, and Hunnam seemed very squirmy while watching it.

Afterward, as the audience and guests laughed, Norton asked King Arthur director Guy Ritchie if he’d have cast Hunnam based on that performance. Ritchie responded, “I have to tell you, I only wish I could have derived such a performance, Charlie, had I known the talent was there.”

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