Charlie Simpson Performs World's Coldest Gig

Charlie Simpson Performs World's Coldest Gig

Charlie Simpson has entered the record books by performing the world's coldest gig.

The singer/songwriter and his three-strong support team travelled for four days to reach the remote Siberian village of Oymyakon, where the brutal temperatures mean few people are able to stay outside for as long as even five minutes.

Oymyakon is known as the "pole of cold" and is famed for being the coldest permanently inhabited place on the planet.

But Simpson took on the challenge of the -30C conditions, playing his set for a full 15 minutes.

That was the time he had to perform in order to set the world record, while taking no more than 30 second breaks between songs.

He told Sky News it had been one of the most painful experiences of his life, particularly in his fingers, the most exposed part of his body.

"I've got to say that after the second song I thought about stopping, it was so painful," he explained.

Former Fightstar and Busted frontman Simpson performed in front of curious locals, playing a solo, acoustic set of tracks from his album Young Pilgrim.

He said: "The crowd were quite receptive, which is good. So, yeah, we've done it."

Guinness World Records confirmed his feat made him the record holder of the World’s Coldest Concert.

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