Charlize Theron's Mom Got Them Marijuana to Help Them Sleep Better

Dory Jackson

The new film Gringo, in theaters Friday, is a dark comedy all about scoring legal weed, in the form of a potentially game-changing medical marijuana pill developed by a couple criminal pharmaceutical industry executives (Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton). They want to sell it, a Mexican cartel wants to steal it and caught in the middle is an average everyman (David Oyelowo) who everyone thinks is the key to getting the pot pill.

Maybe if they wanted some marijuana they should've just called Theron's mom.

The 42-year-old actress, who is also a producer on the film, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night to promote Gringo and admitted to some prior experience with pot—some of which involved her mom acting as her connection.

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Charlize Theron

Actress-producer Charlize Theron is pictured attending the world premiere of STX Films and Amazon Studios' "Gringo" at Regal LA Live Stadium 14 on March 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images

Theron told Kimmel that she and her mother, Gerda Maritz, talked about using pot to help them sleep better instead of their prescribed sleeping medication. Since marijuana-laced edibles are legal in California (the actress’s place of residence), the pair decided to give them a try as the Atomic Blonde star’s “always willing to try anything.” From there, she said, her mother took the liberty to score the marijuana.

“I really thought I would be the responsible one to have to go and get that, and last week she showed up at my house, literally drove in her little tennis outfit, and brought me a little container and just left it on my kitchen table,” Theron said to Kimmel. “She was like, ‘So, I got some blueberry-covered chocolate ones, but if you want it faster-acting, you should go for the mints because those you suck, and it works faster.’”

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Theron had assumed that her mother enlisted one of her tennis club friends to help her secure the laced edibles, but Martiz insisted to have gone to the store to obtain the marijuana products on her own. “I have this image of her in the store. She’s just not this kind of person, and buying marijuana she had like a full experience,” Theron said.

While Theron’s relationship with Martiz may prove to be one of a kind, the A-list actress isn’t the only celebrity that’s claimed to have received drugs from their parents. During an appearance last year on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Big Little Lies star Zoë Kravitz admitted that her parents—Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet—gave her drugs in hopes that she would abstain from sex. “The drug and sex talk was ‘Here’s some drugs. Don’t have sex,’” Kravitz told Cohen.

It also wasn't Theron's first experience with weed. She told Kimmel she spent “a good solid eight years” using marijuana before giving it up. When she used it, though, she claimed to have found herself in a frozen state staring at her refrigerator for nearly eight hours.

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