Charlize Theron is 'shockingly available' to date as she opens up about trying to find love

Deepika Rajani
Charlize Theron has declared that she wants someone to “step up” and date her after she revealed she’s been single for ten years ( VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

Charlize Theron might be a major Hollywood star, but the actress still faces the same struggles as the general public when it comes to finding love.

Theron, who split from fellow actor Sean Penn in 2015, confessed that she is “shockingly available” because no one has asked her out on a date in ten years.

Airing her frustration during an interview on Entertainment Tonight whilst she was promoting her new film Long Shot, Theron exclaimed: “I’ve been single for 10 years, it’s not a long shot.

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“Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up … I’m shockingly available.”

Reassuring possible suitors that Theron is happy to be back on the dating scene, her co-star Seth Rogan commented: “She’s out there!”

I’ve made it very clear,” Theron, who has two children, reiterated.

Theron’s declaration that she wants to meet someone comes a year after she explained that she initially wasn’t interested in finding romance because she wanted to focus on her young children.

Sean Penn and Theron’s relationship came to an end in 2015 (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Life Ball 2015/Getty Images)

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“With both of my kids, the first two years, I had absolutely no interest in dating. It wasn’t even a struggle – it was a case where my body chemistry and my mind just wanted to go to the place where I was 100 percent satisfied with being a mom.

“And then … Well it kind of changes. My little one will be three soon and I’m starting to feel like, “OK, I’m not dealing with diapers and wipes any more and you know something? Right now I’m really happy”.’