Charlotte and George sing and dance along at Coronation Concert

Princess Charlotte and Prince George danced the night away at the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle.

The youngsters stood with the rest of the royal box, including the King and Queen, and bopped to the sound of Lionel Richie’s hit All Night Long and Take That’s anthems.

In a big royal sing-a-long, Charlotte and George waved their flags enthusiastically and swayed in time to the music.

King Charles III coronation
Charlotte and George enjoying the show (Kin Cheung/PA)

The princess also sang the words to Katy Perry’s Roar and Firework, as the US singer took to the stage in a shiny gold metallic ball gown.

Ahead of Take That’s finale, Kermit the Frog joined the Windsors in the royal box.

The Muppet, dressed in a smart suit and tie, bounced on the spot and waved his flag in front of a delighted Duke of Edinburgh.

The Duke of Edinburgh laughs at Kermit the frog enters the royal box
The Duke of Edinburgh laughs as Kermit the frog enters the royal box (Screengrab/PA)

It was a special late night out for the Prince and Princess of Wales’s two eldest children, who are just nine and eight, after a busy day on Saturday at their grandfather’s coronation.

Like the rest of the 20,000-strong crowd, they wore flashing LED wristbands.

George and William were seen smiling and laughing together as they enjoyed the show.

King Charles III coronation
George and William enjoying the special coronation pop concert (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Among the star royal dancers was the Duchess of Edinburgh, who beamed as she danced to Richie’s set.

When William took to the stage to deliver a touching tribute to his “Pa” the King, Charlotte turned to George to get his attention, pointing at the stage with her flag.

King Charles III coronation
The stage for the Windsor Castle show (Yui Mok/PA)

The princess was wearing a white dress with frilled Peter Pan collar and bow but later put on a white coat over the top, while George was in a suit and tie just like William.

Charlotte was seen singing “bring me a higher love” to Steve Winwood’s performance of Higher Love.

Five-year-old Prince Louis was not at the concert, with the late-night show starting past his bedtime.

King Charles III coronation
More than 25 members of the royal family gathered in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Sunday evening(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

In the second row, Peter Phillips’ daughters Savannah and Isla waved union flags, while also in the front row like the Waleses were the Edinburghs’ children Lady Louise Windsor and the Earl of Wessex.

Charlotte curtseyed to the King and Queen as they arrived while George gave them a bow.

King Charles III coronation
William waves a flag at his daughter Charlotte (Yui Mok/PA)

At one point, Charlotte bent backwards as William playfully waved a flag near her face.

Kate wore a vivid red suit, while Camilla was in a royal blue Anna Valentine jumpsuit.