Charming Koalas Chomp on Leaves in Unison at Australian Sanctuary

Two charming koalas munched on leaves while sitting on a tree at a koala sanctuary in Glen Oak, New South Wales.

Footage shows the koalas, Murphy and Harriet, enjoying a eucalyptus leaf feast. “Just a couple of our koalas enjoying their gum,” the volunteers wrote in the Facebook video caption.

Koalas typically consume around 500 to 800g of Eucalyptus leaves in a day, according to the University of Sydney. Eucalyptus leaves are the primary component of a koala’s diet and support their hydration needs.

Port Stephens Koala Hospital provides a wildlife shelter for marsupials. The group shares regular updates on the progress of the koalas on their YouTube and Facebook accounts. Credit: Port Stephens Koala Hospital via Storyful

Video transcript