Chartered accountant shares six simple steps to refresh your finances and start saving

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Saving money can be a daunting task, especially when trying to adhere to a strict budget. However, for those unsure of where to begin, financial expert and Instagram user Beth (@budgetjonesdiary_) has revealed her straightforward method to rejuvenate your finances.

Beth is a certified accountant with the goal of assisting people in saving money and eliminating their debt. In a recent post, she outlined six easy steps that provide a solid starting point for saving, budgeting, and future planning.

Beth has broken down these six steps into manageable "bitesize" chunks.

Take stock

Consider this as your initial point, then contemplate your desired destination and the route to get there. Jot down things you want to start, stop, and continue, reports Wales Online.

Set your goals

Divide these into short, medium, and long-term objectives and be very specific. Money is a tool to help you reach your destination, but what exactly is that destination?

Create a budget

Assign a purpose to every penny (if possible). Start with your income at the top, list your expenses below, and then distribute whatever remains to the goals you set in step two.

Plan of attack

This will be an extension of your budget. A concrete plan that you can refer back to each payday.

Whether it's for debt repayment, saving, or something else, outline what your journey will look like.

Automate where possible

Take the emotion out of it and let the tech do all of the hard work. Whether you're sending a fixed amount to your investments or simply switching on roundups for your savings, every little helps.

Education is key. You may need some advice or further support and there are lots of resources online to help you so definitely nosey around for what you need.

But the learning never stops, it's about continually improving upon what you already have/know - books, podcasts, 'finfluencers', they all get you thinking about how to improve your finances (which is why you're here now).