The Chase's Paul Sinha had perfect response to being called 'thick t***' by cruel trolls

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The Chase whizz Paul Sinha has opened up on some of the more awkward moments on the show – and the vile comments he received as a result.

In his autobiography 'Once Sinha Lifetime', Paul recounts how he "crumbled under pressure" during an inter-school quiz tournament while representing the esteemed Dulwich College. A similar episode unfolded during his first appearance on The Chase in September 2011.

"I got my first three questions wrong," he writes, dismissing it as neither nerves nor difficulty but rather questions that were just slightly beyond his usual scope. It wasn't until a bit later that he regained his stride and clinched his inaugural victory on a quiz show during the Final Chase.

When the episode aired five months later, Paul was met with a barrage of horrific abuse online, with trolls labelling him "a toad," "a fat pimp," and even "The Man from Del Monte".

Paul Sinha
Paul Sinha has opened up about his life in his new book -Credit:(Image: ITV)

One particularly harsh critic called the ex-GP and stand-up comedian "a thick t***". Unfazed by the insults, Paul shared in his book: "I didn't care" because, at last, he had triumphed on a quiz show.

Over time, Paul Sinha has charmed his way into the hearts of 'The Chase' viewers, earning himself endearing monikers such as "The Sinnerman", "The Smiling Assassin" and "Sarcasm in a Suit". He's found that he's even more recognised abroad especially in New Zealand where 'The Chase' enjoys prime time TV slots.

Paul opened up about how his career path came as quite the shock to his family, who had anticipated he would follow in his father's footsteps into medicine.

Defying expectations didn't stop with his career for Paul; he also surprised his parents by not settling down with a Bengali girl. Instead, the quiz maestro married his partner Olly Levy in a grand ceremony in Mayfair in 2019.

Reflecting on the day, he humorously confesses that he was overcome with nerves, especially when a video projection malfunctioned and Olly scrambled to fix it, leaving guests restless.

As the crowd grew increasingly impatient, Paul remembered the mounting pressure. He recounted: "As people began to get tetchy about whether anything was actually going to happen, I started to fall apart."

However, during an appearance on last year's Loose Men panel, he opened up about his views on marriage. Talking to Vernon Kay, Tommy Fury and Martin Kemp, he expressed: "Everyone deserves their moment in the sun and their moment of happiness."

"You look at someone and you go, "You're never going to be happier than you are with that one person."