Cheap bleach alternative that 'clears' mould on silicone sealant with one spray

the silicone sealer is mildewed. Mold in the shower stall. Dampness and humidity
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Mould in bathrooms and showers is a common headache for UK households, particularly when it takes hold of silicone sealants. The moist and steamy environment of bathrooms and kitchens creates the perfect conditions for mould to thrive. Even water-resistant materials like silicone sealants can fall prey to mould if conditions are right.

A woman turned to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook group for advice on tackling mould on her shower's silicone sealant. Shenazmataz Patel reached out to the group with her problem: "Please help! I have black mould growing behind the silicone seal on the bottom of my shower glass screen", as reported by the Express.

She further explained: "I did leave bleach over it overnight and it did help but has come back worse with more mould which I have since read happens with bleach.", reports the Daily Record. Patel also mentioned: "How can I remove it? There isn't any mould in any other part of the bathroom or house."

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The issue with using bleach is that it doesn't actually get rid of mould; it just disguises it by bleaching its colour, giving the illusion that it's gone.

Bleach is ineffective against the roots of mould under porous surfaces, often resulting in stronger regrowth of mould after treatment.

Paula Darling pointed out: "Bleach will only whiten mould and it'll feed mould and cause it to grow more."

Members of the Mrs Hinch fan community recommended using Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster instead of bleach. Diane Smith suggested: "Astonish mould and mildew spray is brilliant and very cheap."

Natalie Murphy, posting a snap of the wonder product, recommended: "Have you tried this? I swear by it." On the other hand, Jem Badrudin remarked: "No soaking of paper roll or scrubbing needed. Just simply spray the cheap Astonish spray where there's mould."

"Leave it on as long as you want, the longer the better and simply rinse with the shower. Disappears like magic. Works every time."

Speaking previously to, Olivia Young, a cleaning guru at Astonish, suggested that just a few spritzes of this miracle solution can make mould stains vanish "in a matter of minutes".

She asserted: "Simply spray, leave for two to three minutes and then wipe clean without the need for scrubbing."

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