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Scotrail’s Caledonian sleeper in 2000. ‘The presence of budget hotels along the routes of the network of fast train,’ has killed the overnight sleeper train, argues Janice Gupta Gwilliam. Photograph: National Railway Museum/SSPL via Getty Images

I read with dismay that Dr Hannah Ryan, who put her life on the line in Sierra Leone, has been suspended by a medical practitioners’ tribunal (Report, 31 March). The tribunal has shown a regard for the law in reaching a conclusion of dishonesty, but a complete disregard for compassion in suspending Dr Ryan. I have worked with infectious diseases in a developing country and can readily understand the mixture of relief and anxiety felt by all the returning medics and nurses. It is a pity that the tribunal members could not do the same.
Dr James Craig

• There is another reason for the demise of the glamorous but expensive overnight train (Requiem for a European way of life, Opinion, 30 March) – the presence of budget hotels along the routes of the network of fast trains across continental Europe. Why spend a fortune and, in my experience, get very little sleep, when for a fraction of the price you can sleep in comfort in an en-suite bedroom?
Janice Gupta Gwilliam
Malton, North Yorkshire

• The Althing, Iceland’s parliament, is more than 1,200 years old, older than both Rosemary Bentley’s Tynwald (Letters, 29 March) and the UK’s (Theresa May, 24 March).
Judith Appleton
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

• While discussing the pros and cons to becoming a Swedish citizen, John Dinning highlights that not only is Sweden “over-endowed with serial killers”, but “it also has many fine and interesting detectives” (Letters, 29 March) ... Several of whom are struggling with mental health challenges.
Glen Reid
Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

• Given the political deadlock in Northern Ireland (Report, 28 March), nice to see the dysfunctional province is being administered by Mr Brokenshire.
Michael Cunningham

• After all the rubbish and half-truths from politicians recently, how will I be able to believe anything I read in the Guardian on Saturday 1 April?
Ron Brewer
Old Buckenham, Norfolk

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