Find the cheapest retailers selling Dyson fans this Amazon Prime Day (and it’s not Amazon!)

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard by now that today is the great bargain-buying shopping extravaganza that is Amazon Prime Day.

Until 23.59pm, there are deals galore on practically everything from latest Apple tech and TVs, to household essentials and home products - there’s even a mega KitchenAid deal that’s almost £200 off a stand mixer.

While we have curated seemingly endless roundups of almost every product under the sun, there is one item at the top of most of our wish lists: a fan. For days now we’ve been slowly melting - whether that be in our houses, in the office or, heaven forbid, public transport.

With the Met Office predicting highs of 37 degrees next week (can this really be true?!), a fan is an absolute priority right now. Amazon has a whole host of deals on fans from little to large as well as air conditioning units, but one item that’s escaped the price slashing are the coveted Dyson fans.

That’s why we’ve trawled the web to find not only the best Dyson fans to buy during this heatwave, but also the cheapest, because who doesn’t want to save precious pennies?

Check out our roundup below of Dyson tower fans, desk fans and lots more - all for the best price possible. Don’t forget to also grab a heavily discounted paddling pool and water gun to make the most of this weather, after all it is a rarity.

Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifier (Black/Nickel) - Refurbished

If you’re low on floor space or want to cool down a smaller room such as a bedroom, then the Dyson purifying desk fan is exactly what you need. It’s great for hayfever sufferers or those with dust allergies as it captures 99.95 percent of microscopic allergens and pollutants. You can’t go far wrong with 12 percent off.

Buy now £249.99, Ebay

Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying tower fan - Refurbished

Save yourself £50 on this nifty 2-in-1 gadget from Dyson that operates as both a fan and an air purifier. It’s 20 per cent quieter than previous models and features a silent night mode. Perfect for larger spaces, this fan is guaranteed to cool you and your house down.

Buy now £449.99, Ebay

Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying desk fan - Refurbished

Save yourself another £50 and bag a one year guarantee on this purifying desk fan that’s perfect for your WFH days or on the corner of your desk in the office. The fan is voice controlled and easy to manage thanks to its lightweight construction and portability features.

Buy now £349.99, Ebay

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