Check out what could be the UK's most festive house

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Check out what could be the UK's most festive house - a movie-themed wonderland featuring characters from iconic Christmas films.

Paul and Michael Fenning took a whole week to deck their halls and the end result is simply magical.

The couple took inspiration from classic festive films 'The Grinch' and 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and used hundreds of pounds worth of decorations.

Among the impressive display in their home, stand three Christmas trees and giant models of the Grinch and Jack Skellington - as well as a 'life-size' nutcracker.

Paul, 30, said: "Both of us have always loved Halloween and Christmas, although we've never gone this big before!

"We thought we'd go with a theme - Grinch and Nightmare Before Christmas.

"We brought back all the traditional colours of red and green but with a twist and used mainly a local cash and carry for the lights which are all energy efficient LEDs.

"We just wanted to make it a bit over the top, crazy and fun!"

The couple decided to break out their decorations early to celebrate Paul's 30th birthday with the hope of spreading some festive cheer in Doncaster, Yorkshire.

Their hard work did not go unnoticed and streams of locals visited the house to admire the winter wonderland, from a safe distance.

Tesco security business partner Michael, 34, and Paul have a loyal 12.7k following on their interior design Instagram account @cherrytree.home with their festive transformation.

Meter company manager Paul added: "We're really glad of the smiles and attention the house has got. It's made it all worth it!

"With it being my 30th and such a miserable time, we decided to put them up early so people from the area could come and see the house. 

"We thought it'd be nice for people to enjoy the house on a little outing in their households to put a smile on not only the kid's faces, but also for the inner child that lives in us all.

"It's always exciting viewing Christmas lights. I think it was just the perfect time for this.

"I'm trying to predict what is coming and, in case this becomes a tradition, I have planned Easter and next Christmas already!"