How to check what council band you’re in and how it’s measured

Do you know what council tax band you’re in?  (Joe Giddens/PA)
Do you know what council tax band you’re in? (Joe Giddens/PA)

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is anticipating using Thursday's Autumn Statement to allow local governments to increase council tax by a maximum of 4.99 per cent from 2.99 per cent, according to reports.

Councils are currently prohibited from raising taxes by more than three per cent, including a one per cent precept to pay for social care, without first having a local referendum.

Council tax is a tax enforced by local authorities, and applies to all homeowners and renters.

Most people are required to pay this fee on a monthly basis. It differs from other household expenses, like home insurance or energy bills, since you have a choice in who delivers those services and how much you pay. You don’t get a choice on how much you pay with council tax.

The money is paid to your local authority and they use the money to help pay for local services and amenities. You can expect your council tax to go towards police forces, fire and rescue services, recycling and bin collection, improving parks and public spaces, and transport services.

How to check what council tax band you’re in

The amount you pay for each council tax band depends on your local authority.

Find out the council tax band for a home in England or Wales by looking up its address or postcode on the government website.

You can request to have your property re-evaluated if you believe your council tax band is too high for where you reside.

However, you can only request to have your council tax band re-evaluated, not lowered. This implies that your council tax band may increase or decrease. You need proof that you’re in the incorrect banding if you want to challenge your council band.

How is council tax measured?

Based on the value of your home at particular points in time, councils divide this tax into bands.

For properties in England, council tax bands are based on the property’s value on April 1, 1991.

These are the council tax bands for England:


Up to £40,000


£40,001 - £52,000


£52,001 - £68,000


£68,001 - £88,000


£88,001 - £120,000


£120,001 - £160,000


£160,001 - £320,000


£320,001 +