Check Out ‘Quick Spin,’ the Podcast That Puts You inside the Car

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Photo credit: Autoweek
Photo credit: Autoweek

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We're happy to tell you all about Quick Spin, a new podcast from our colleagues at Autoweek that takes you into the car with editors as they deliver honest reviews of the best cars in the world. This weekly, short-form show (each episode clocks in around 15 minutes) puts you in the passenger seat during the review process, with Autoweek's editors walking you through their experiences with the car. Then the editors hop into the studio to elaborate on their experiences and try to get to the essence of the car they’re reviewing.

This free podcast tackles everything from pedestrian commuters to world-beating supercars. Quick Spin is available on all the major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher. Check out the first three episodes below and listen for new episodes every Wednesday!

Episode 1: Polestar 1 Is a Dream Realized

Host Wesley Wren talks with West Coast Editor Mark Vaughn about the first effort from Polestar. Aptly named Polestar 1, it oozes style and shows that Polestar—the offshoot of Volvo—isn’t pulling any punches. Vaughn puts the Polestar 1 through its paces in the canyons of California.

Episode 2: Is an Automatic Mazda Miata Even Worth Driving?

Wren is joined by Editorial Director Patrick Carone, who spent time with a 2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF. While most enthusiasts would opt for a manually shifted Miata, Carone's tester was an automatic-equipped model.

Episode 3: The Jeep Wrangler Goes Uptown

Wren chats with Editor Wes Raynal about his time with the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited EcoDiesel. This range-topping Wrangler brings an upscale price with all of its new creature comforts and diesel power.

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