'Check' warning to anyone who drinks water from a bottle

People who drink water from plastic bottles are being advised to make a simple check before doing so.

An expert has said people can become unwell with grim symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and even hormone problems, if they drink from a plastic bottle that has become warm. This often occurs when bottles are left in the sun, or in hot environments such as a car.

Sarah Lawson, a food safety expert from Storage Box Shop, told the ECHO the heat can cause harmful chemicals to leach from the plastic into the water.

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She said the chemicals, such as BPA and phthalates, can be harmful and can cause stomach issues, headaches, dizziness, and hormone problems that can become serious over time. She advises people keep water bottles in a cool place and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight.

If you're on the go, Sarah adds, you can keep your bottled water in a cooler with ice packs. And, the expert said, you should always check the temperature of the bottle before drinking from it.

She said: "Staying hydrated is important, but drinking water that has been left in the heat is not safe. Always keep your bottled water cool to protect your health."

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