Cheeky book shop display sits Prince Harry's Spare next to How To Kill Your Family

An independent book store's tongue-in-cheek window display of Prince Harry's memoir has set social media alight.

Staff at Bert's Books in Swindon, displayed Spare next to author Bella Mackie's novel How To Kill Your Family in a "light-hearted" nod to his allegations against the Royal Family.

Harry's controversial book went on sale across the UK on Tuesday, with some queuing overnight to get their hands on a copy.

Bert's Books was one of the places which offered avid readers and royal fans a chance to purchase the book, tweeting: "Anyway, we do have some spare copies of Spare if you want one."

Alongside the message was a photo of its window display which shows copies of Spare next to Mackie's book.

Twitter users turned to the comments section to react to the post, with replies including "who will sue first HRH or Ms Mackie?" and "signed?", to which the person running the bookshop account made sure to answer with retorts.

To the person who asked if the book was signed, they said: "Not by him, but I can sign if you like" and to the user who posted about who will sue first - "We've just put our bestselling books in the window... people are making all sorts of wild assumptions and connections" next to an upside down face emoji.

Alex Call, 35, the owner of Bert's Books, said: "(How To Kill Your Family) was already in our window because it was our bestselling book of 2022.

"Then when we saw it there, we thought it would be quite funny to put it next to Spare and would be quite light-hearted and make a few people smile."

He added there has been a "little bit of interest" from people to get the book, with a few being sold.

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Ms Mackie responded to the post on Instagram.

She wrote: "Thank you to the 8,000 people who've sent me this today. And thank you, @bertsbooks, what an honour", followed by a knife emoji.

How To Kill Your Family follows protagonist Grace Bernard, 28, who attempts to eliminate all members of her family to get revenge on her father, who abandoned her and her mother as a baby.

The author's husband - radio presenter Greg James - also retweeted the post from Bert's Books on his Twitter account.