A cheeky cat was caught COVERED in catnip after he found his way into the supply

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This is the funny moment a cat was caught red-pawed after breaking into a room to gorge on catnip.

Four-year-old cat Fetty Wap managed to sneak into a room where leaves of the plant were drying out.

The cheeky kitty was caught just a minute later by Emily Harris, 22, with catnip covering its fur and she said the pet was "pretty wired".

Emily's mum Tracey, 52, said: "He is a pro at opening doors.  If he had thumbs, we would really be in trouble.

"He was pretty wired. He was chased out of the room and he promptly went downstairs and tried to pick a fight with the dog who is scared of him."

The Harris family has a catnip plant growing in their garden in Collierville, Tennessee, USA to prepare special treats for Fetty Wap and their other two cats Olive and Skeeter.

Catnip, or 'Nepeta cataria', has an oil called nepetalactone in its leaves, which mimics the feline sex hormones and can cause playfulness, relaxation and affection in cats.

Tracey's son Cib left some of the fresh plant drying on a board above the garage, thinking it would be safe from the three felines.

But after stepping out briefly, Cib made the fatal error of leaving the door ajar, and one-eyed rescue cat Fetty made a dash for it.

IT consultant Tracey said: "Emily saw the open door and went to check and caught him in the act, on June 28.

"Apparently he just made himself right at home! Knocked the door open, rolled in the catnip and I'm sure he ate his fair share. It was caked in his armpit hair too!

"He does stuff like this all the time. He is always getting into things he shouldn't be, he is a mess. So our reaction was typical Fetty' - he keeps us laughing."

It wasn't long before the drugs wore off and he went back to his normal self, although Tracey added that "this is pretty much his normal self!"

This video was filmed on the 28th June 2021.