Cheeky crow annoys fox by repeatedly pecking at its bum as it enjoys the sun

This funny video shows a cheeky crow annoying a fox - by gently pecking at its bum as it tries to bask in the sun.

Mia Burns, 26, shot the cute footage while walking around De Beauvoir Square in Hackney, London.

The account manager said: “I was dogsitting a pup at the time and I was just walking the dog around De Beauvoir Square when I saw the fox.

“I thought he looked really cute and was filming him and while I was filming the crow approached from across the park.

“I filmed a number of videos of the crow pecking the fox over and over again. The fox was just being patient, the sun was just shining on the fox and he was sunbathing.”

In the footage, a crow can been seen sidling up to a fox - before gently pecking at its bum, causing it to jump.

After the fox had settled down to enjoy the sun again, the crafty bird creeps up from behind as if it was going to hassle the fox again – but quickly flies away when the fox turns around.