Cheeky monkey: affectionate orangutan pulls tourist in for kiss in Bangkok

This is the cheeky moment a flirty orangutan pulled a tourist in for a kiss in Thailand.The bold primate wearing colourful plaid shorts posed for pictures next to zoogoer Jessie Mc in Safari World, Bangkok on October 26.After a few selfies, the orangutan then planted several kisses on her face, with Jessie gamely accepting the simian's affection.She said: 'I was shocked when it pulled me and started smooching my face.'Critically endangered Sumatran orangutans are among the smartest primates in the world. They can use a variety of tools and construct sleeping nests from branches and leaves.Despite the cute tricks the orangutan is trained to perform at the zoo, animal welfare groups including PETA have raised concerns about the creatures being 'exploited and humiliated' to entertain tourists.However, the zoo owners claim that they are raising the orangutans in a safe environment, helping to preserve the species with only around 14,000 left in the world.