'Cheeky' Shark Steals Lunch From Starfish

A “cheeky” shark was spotted stealing a free lunch from an 11-armed starfish in the waters off Portsea, in Victoria, on Sunday, October 1.

Footage recorded by diver Jules Casey shows the encounter between the two underwater creatures off Portsea Pier. The Port Jackson shark appears to pry the starfish’s arms off its catch before quickly slurping it up.

Casey wrote on Instagram that, at first glance, she thought the shark was trying to eat the starfish, something she said would be unusual.

“But on closer inspection she was actually stealing food from the starfish … That’s a bit cheeky!” she said.

Port Jackson sharks eat sea urchins, molluscs, crustaceans and fish, according to the Australian Museum, often foraging at night. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

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