Cheeky son tricks his mum into believing her passport had been destroyed by their dog

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Watch the hilarious moment that a cheeky son tricks his mum into believing that her brand new passport had been destroyed by their dog just before her holiday.

Sandra Legg, 52, had been worried about her new passport arriving in time for her to fly to Dubai shortly after Christmas for New Year's Eve celebrations with her family.

Unbeknownst to Sandra, her naughty son Dan and her husband Kevin conspired together to prank the poor mum into believing the passport had arrived but then destroyed by their two year old dog, Bailey. 

After the new passport arrived last Friday [December 11], Dan hid it away and ripped up Sandra's old passport, positioning it by the letterbox with cockapoos Bailey and Bella beside it.

He then set up his phone to record his mum coming through the door, hiding around the corner to watch what happened next and the resulting video is hilarious.

In the clip, Sandra can be seen gasping and picking up the destroyed passport, exclaiming 'Oh no! Oh my god!' as her friend watched on in horror.

Dan, 21, finally emerged from his hiding spot to film his mum's face as she realised it was her old passport after all and she'd been tricked.

Investor Dan said: "For their Christmas present, I have booked them a holiday to Dubai for New Year's Eve, so it will be myself, my mum and my dad going.

"I always pull pranks on my parents. Surprisingly, this prank was my dad's idea - I just helped him along with it.

"The new passport arrived moments before we filmed the prank. Mum was just coming home from lunch with a friend to chat about our upcoming holiday.

"My dog Bailey is known for tearing random items up, especially mail when it's just been posted through my letterbox.

"I was happy with the reaction from the prank but cut it short because I was worried for the dogs! Mum had to take an hour to sit down and calm down."

Despite being tricked by her cheeky family, Sandra has relaxed now and is just relieved her new passport is safe and sound for their upcoming holiday.

Sandra said: "I was completely gobsmacked and shocked! 

"I've already missed three holidays this year due to covid - I thought the dogs were going to cause me to miss my fourth!"