Cheeky student nicks Banksy's honorary professorship certificate during graduation ceremony

A cheeky university student swiped Banksy's honorary professorship certificate during his graduation ceremony and has mounted it on his wall.

Footage shows the incredible moment 23-year-old Ben Wray nicked the renowned street artist's award presented at the University for the Creative Arts graduation event.

The elusive and anonymous artist, who was given the award by for his "humanitarian efforts and the impact he has had on the global arts scene", did not show up at the ceremony.

Ben claims it has been two weeks later and the university has not asked for the certificate back - so he now has it framed in his bedroom as a "story for the grandkids."

Ben, from Henleaze, Bristol, graduated with a BA honours degree in film and digital art from the University on 6 July.

Ben reveals that the ceremony did not go quite to plan in more ways than one.

From no handshakes to a strict nodding policy, Ben admits he was disappointed at the lack of "individuality" throughout the event's procedure.

Ben recalled he had been contemplating throughout the ceremony how he could make his walk "more memorable"- and happened to notice a seat had been reserved for the renowned street artist at the front of the hall.

But what really sparred his rebellious decision was when the university accidentally failed to call out Ben's name.

He was told he had to wait backstage until the end, but was able to convince the steward to let him back into the auditorium to watch the rest of the presentation, until it was his time on stage once again.

Ben said: "If I'm not getting my certificate in a normal way then I'm going to have to get one myself - technically it's their fault as when they missed by name they gave me an extra hour and a half of psyching myself up."

Ben said when his name was eventually called, he walked across the stage, nodded once to the chairman and took a right angle - swiping the scroll off Banky's seat.

In the amusing video, a person next to the chair tried to grab the certificate back but Ben says he "managed to yank it out of his hand and hold it victoriously up.”

The daring man admits he swiftly exited the stage and hid in the audience, concealing the scroll up the sleeve of his graduation robe.

Ben said Banksy’s Instagram account acknowledged his Instagram post that showed how he stole his professorship by liking the post, only to quickly remove it seconds later.

The UCA have been approached for comment.

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