Chelsea fan who tweeted anti-Semitic abuse aimed at Spurs fans is jailed

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Nathan Blagg  (Met Police)
Nathan Blagg (Met Police)

A Chelsea supporter who posted images of Nazi salutes, Adolf Hitler, and the Auschwitz concentration camp on Twitter in a campaign of Anti-Semitic abuse aimed at Tottenham fans has been jailed for eight weeks.

Nathan Blagg, 21, photoshopped an image of former Blues manager Frank Lampard celebrating into a picture of a mass grave from the Holocaust, and posted to his follower: “Gas a Jew, Jew, Jew”.

He mocked up a picture of current Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel in front of a Nazi salute, and also tweeted an image of the train tracks leading to Auschwitz.

When challenged over the social media abuse, Blagg suggested he “wasn’t offended” and passed it off as “banter between mates”, Westminster magistrates court heard.

The road construction worker later pleaded guilty to seven counts of sending offensive messages, and was sentenced on Friday to eight weeks in prison.

“Quite frankly, the content of these messages were despicable”, said District Judge Michael Oliver.

“References to Auschwitz can’t, on any view, ever be categorised as banter. Tweets of this nature simply can’t be tolerated, they are abhorrent, grossly offensive, and cause significant harm.”

Prosecutor David Roberts said Blagg, a life-long Chelsea fan, had posted the abuse between September 2020 and February 5 this year.

Over a concentration camp picture, he had written “Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz” on the day Tottenham knocked Chelsea out of the league cup on penalties.

Blagg had told his followers he was “sieg heiling around my living room as we speak”, and before the teams clashed in February Blagg wrote: “Yids tomorrow, which means for the next 48 hours I can tweet as much antisemitism as I want without being told off.”

He followed that message up with a video of Adolf Hitler, the court heard.

Blagg, from Retford in Nottinghamshire, was reported by a West Brom fan and his tweets were then passed by Chelsea to police.

“In interview, he was showed the Tweets and admitted he had sent them”, said Mr Roberts.

“He said he wasn’t offended by the tweets and said it was banter between mates, who were all just joking.

“He later agreed it could be seen as offensive. Asked if he could go back in time would he still tweet them, he said ‘no’.”

Blagg, who still lives with his parents, has now been banned by Chelsea and blamed his offending on “immaturity”.

“He is extremely embarrassed by his behaviour”, said his lawyer Maeve Thornton.

Kalsoom Shah, from the CPS, said: “Nathan Blagg thought hiding behind a screen could shield him from the consequences of posting hateful and abusive content. That is absolutely not the case.

“Hate crime has a corrosive effect on our society and working with the police, the CPS is committed to rooting it out.”

Blagg will serve half the eight-week prison sentence and spend 12 months after his release under probation supervision.

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