Cher is confident women will take over more power positions in the future

Cher is certain that women will soon get their chance to take care of the issues that men in power have "screwed up".

The music icon spoke to Harper's Bazaar about her idea of women being in power in the future during a wide-ranging chat to promote her perfume range.

Revealing that fragrance makes her "feel really girly" but also powerful, the 76-year-old went on to discuss women in power.

"There's a way women can be powerful, and it's not breaking down the walls," the Believe singer mused. "We've got these chips in the wall, and at some point, men are going to move over, and we will be able to take care of things that they've screwed up. At some point, that's going to happen, and it's already happening in many ways in many cities.

"Women are the future. We're not going to be taking crumbs anymore; we're going to take over, but not in a mean way. Because I think we're much better than that. I think that if women were in politics, we wouldn't have all this bulls**t stuff that's going on. We wouldn't have had Trump and his merry band of criminals, you know? So I think that women are taking over things that they never were allowed to."

The Cher Decades collection features four fragrances that capture the essence of four decades; '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, and she worked closely with Scent Beauty to bring each era to life through smell.