Cher says she has no beef with Madonna: 'We buried that hatchet a long time ago'

Cher insists that she Madonna are no longer hung up on what they've said about each other in the past.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cher addressed the Queen of Pop's new Celebration tour featuring of an archival interview in which Cher called her fellow singer "mean." Maintaining that the two no longer have any beef, Cher said, "I actually like her."

Though Madonna "can be" mean, Cher said, "We buried that hatchet a long time ago because I called her something so much worse, and she forgave me. But I give her this: There's no one like her that had their ear to the ground and knew everything before anybody else. I mean, she knew what was coming, and she was right on it."

Madonna and Cher
Madonna and Cher

Kevin Mazur/WireImage Madonna and Cher

She added, "I always felt that was her greatest gift — that she could know the trends before any of us."

When asked what she had called Madonna that was worse than "mean," Cher said, "Look it up." (In the same decades-old interview excerpted in the retrospective tour video, Cher referred to Madonna as a "spoiled brat" who should be a "little less of a c---.")

Cher's past comments about Madonna have often been interpreted as shade, the most recent being a 2018 appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous talk show. When the host asked Cher to name three artists she'd want to duet with, she said, "Adele, Pink, and, um, not Madonna."

The "Believe" singer is currently celebrating the release of her first holiday album, Christmas, which also marks her first album of original material in a decade, following 2013's Closer to the Truth.

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