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Infrared Chernobyl

Simon, a friendly fox who often approaches tourists in the exclusion zone, asks for food. (Photo: Vladimir Migutin/Caters News)

Chernobyl revisited – in infrared

This fascinating photo series looks at the bleak isolation of Chernobyl as never before. Employing infrared filters, photographer Vladimir Migutin is able to bring out details of decay — an abandoned bus, a radar system, an amusement park, a doll, a sports hall, a piano — frozen in time. The filtered red hues make them pop out against icy backdrops. Migutin, 32, recently released the series to the public after visiting the site in July 2017. It was a spontaneous trip, the photographer said, with the sole intention of telling a different story about the site of the 1986 catastrophe. (Caters News)

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