Cherry red is fall's trendiest color. Here are 3 easy ways to wear it, according to a stylist.

  • Red statement pieces are one of fall's biggest fashion trends this year.

  • Stylist and wardrobe consultant Kenzie Welch shared her top tips for wearing the color with Insider.

  • She suggested starting with red nail polish and then graduating to bolder coats and dresses.

Roses are red, and so are everyone's fall outfits.

For weeks now, fashion fans around the world have been embracing vibrant shades of the primary color — ones that are usually associated with Christmas festivities and summer cherries — for autumn.

Red leather jackets are everywhere, videos tagged "red outfit inspo" on TikTok have more than 42.9 billion views, and celebrities like Heidi Klum and Lori Harvey have recently taken part in the trend.

Lori Harvey (left) and Heidi Klum (right) wearing red outfits.
Lori Harvey (left) and Heidi Klum (right) wearing red outfits.Valentina Frugiuele/Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

"Red is always festive this time of year, but cherry red is really unique and special because it speaks to every age group — whether you're a Gen Z, a millennial, or Gen X — and it's a color that resonates with women and men," Kenzie Welch, a 31-year-old stylist and wardrobe consultant, told Insider.

But how do you wear the color? Red is bold, bright, and drastically different than the neutral shades we've become accustomed to for fall.

According to Welch, it's actually easier than you might think — especially if you style the color in one of the three ways she recommends.

Starting small with accessories

Don't fret if your wardrobe isn't full of trendy red pieces. As Welch said, it's actually best to ease into the trend with beauty — like red lipstick or nail polish.

"That in itself is enough to add a pop of cherry red to any outfit," she said.

And from there, you can later add "one statement piece" in the trending red color.

"A great place to start is with a handbag," Welch said. "We've been seeing so many people wearing lots of neutrals, so adding this one little pop of color can really make your outfit stand out."

Fashion stylist Salome Chaboki wears red nails and accessories at Paris Fashion Week.
Fashion stylist Salome Chaboki wears red nails and accessories at Paris Fashion Week.Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Sweaters and sneakers are your friends

As Welch pointed out, the red trend might look a bit different depending on where you live.

"If you live in New York City, then you're probably seeing a lot of statement pieces like trench coats and leather jackets," she said.

But elsewhere, it might be too warm for outerwear or too casual for out-of-the-box pieces. So simpler classics are the way to go.

Welch highly recommends red sweaters and vibrant shoes.

"You could wear a pair of sling-back heels or pumps," she said. "I've seen really gorgeous pairs of knee-high boots — leather in a cherry-red color."

Influencer Karin Teigl wears a red outfit while in in Lulea, Sweden.
You can never go wrong with a red sweater.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Red sneakers are another underrated option, Welch said, as most people opt for walking shoes in more neutral shades.

"Anything like that is great to add to your wardrobe, because it just adds that touch of statement that you need," Welch added. "It has a lot of power, but it's also very understated, which I like."

Don't forget the power of a red dress

Welch said that while shopping recently, she noticed a surplus of red dresses.

"Obviously, red dresses are popular during the holiday season, but I am seeing more of that cherry-red color in satin and silk materials," she said.

Tamu McPherson wears a red dress at Paris Fashion Week.
Writer and editor Tamu McPherson wears a red dress at Paris Fashion Week.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Red dresses, she added, are one of the most romantic ways to wear the color this season.

"This red trend has come off the tail end of the romantic trend that we saw this summer — all the floral appliqués and flower chokers," Welch said.

"So I think this is an evolution from the more masculine style that we've seen in the last two years," she added. "All the suits and blazers, I personally love them. But I think we're leaning toward a more feminine approach to styling."

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