Cheryl's Hand-Licking Leaves 'X Factor' Viewers With A Lot Of Confused Feelings

Ash Percival

Cheryl has got everyone talking after staging a comeback to ‘The X Factor’ on Sunday night, although perhaps not for the reasons she might have been expecting. 

One particular part of her performance of new single ‘Love Made Me Do It’ left many fans creeped out - specifically, the hand-licking. 

It was Cheryl’s first live performance in four years, and it came complete with live vocals and a dance break, but during the opening moments of her routine, she was seen seductively licking the side of her hand. 

While we can see what she was trying to do (it accompanied the lyric “the ink on my skin is all the places I’ve been”), people had a lot of thoughts about it - mainly just how plain odd it was...