Cheryl nearly 'pulled off' stage by fan at Girls Aloud gig as singer left shaken

Cheryl at Girls Aloud's Newcastle gig
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Girls Aloud's Cheryl had a close call on Friday night when an overzealous fan nearly pulled her off stage during the band's performance in Newcastle. A security staff member was quick to prevent her from falling.

The concert at the Utilita Arena was a memorable one for Cheryl as she and her bandmates performed in Tyneside for the first time in 11 years and since the passing of their late bandmate, Sarah Harding.

The moment Cheryl began singing the opening lines of "Untouchable", she had the audience captivated, with loud cheers and screams greeting her every time she approached the front of the stage.

However, during the performance of "Call The Shots", things almost took a turn for the worse. As Cheryl reached out to a fan in one of the VIP pits near the stage front, they seemed to grip her hand too tightly, causing her to nearly fall from the catwalk.

Thankfully, a security staff member at the arena was quick to intervene. Fans who had paid between £100-£200 to be in the Gift Wrapped Kitty Kat pits were up close to the incident, and many were quick to criticise the fan's behaviour.

After Friday night's performance, one attendee expressed their anger on X, stating: "Who ever that idiot was that tried pulling Cheryl of the stage tonight hope your ashamed of yourself," while another concertgoer recounted the incident online: "Cheryl was talking to a few people in the audience and he held out his hand. When she took it he pulled her. She almost fell but the security guard quickly grabbed her. Cheryl looked really shocked but she was ok", reports Chronicle Live.

During her heartfelt Newcastle gig, Cheryl shared with the audience how much being back in her hometown meant to her, saying: "I don't think you could ever really know what it's like to be stood here, 22 years later, in a room full of Geordies. The place where I dreamed a dream."

She added: "You know, when I left from Central 22 years ago, I could never have imagined being with you all tonight. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you've done. I left with a suitcase and a dream and I've come back with my best friends 22 years later."

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