Cheryl stands out in tartan on 9/11 charity day

By Julia Hunt, PA Entertainment Correspondent

Cheryl made a fashion statement as she took part in a charity event to honour those killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The singer, 36, was among those manning the phones at the 15th annual BGC Charity Day, and stood out in a bright red tartan top.

Cheryl (Ian West/PA)

The asymmetric jumper had a high neck, and featured one long sleeve and one short sleeve.

Cheryl paired the unusual top with some loose black trousers and boots.

The singer wore her hair up and off her face, and accessorised her look with large hoop earrings.

Cheryl (Ian West/PA)

BGC Partners lost 658 employees in the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001 and now hosts a charity day in commemoration every year, during which all profits from trades are donated to good causes.