Cheshire man arrested in police investigation into illegal streaming

A Cheshire man has been arrested as part of a police investigation into illegal streaming services. Detectives from the Cheshire Police Cyber Crime Unit executed a warrant at around 9.30am on Wednesday, July 3, at an address in Widnes.

A 51-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of fraud offences, possession of criminal property and possession of Class A drugs (cocaine). He had since been released under investigation pending further enquiries.

A number of electronic devices including computers, phones, and digital satellite television boxes were seized at the address, along with crypto-currency, cash and a small amount of drugs.

Detective Constable Hannah Clement, a Specialist Cyber Investigator, said: “While many people think that illegal streaming is a victimless crime, that is simply not the case.

“It causes an enormous loss to the entertainment industry and is also unfair that millions of people work hard to afford their subscription-only TV services while others cheat the system.

“In addition, by using illegal streaming services, you also increase the risk of receiving malicious software, which gives criminals access to your network and can compromise your personal data.

“I hope that this warrant acts as a warning to those who knowingly commit or facilitate online copyright infringement.”