‘A chic and unique twist of immersive art’ at Sophie’s Tea art gallery – review

Sophie Tea Art Gallery
Sophie Tea Art Gallery

On Thursday, September 22, myself, and other profound art lovers attended the launch night of Sophie Tea’s art gallery in Carnaby Street.

Carnaby Street is home to the most creative and luxurious fashion and lifestyle boutiques in London, and has plenty of eye-catching, beautifully executed features across the pedestrian streets.

Sophie’s latest gallery, Sophie Tea, is located in the heart of Carnaby at 5 Newburgh Street and it fits into Carnaby’s iconic heritage like feathers on a duck.

To all the immersive, weird-and-wonderful fans of art – this place is for you.

Sophie Tea (Twiggles_UK)

As I approached the gallery, I couldn’t help but notice the feminine exterior – the walls were painted a soft pink, with dozens of dried flowers hanging over the shop entrance door.

Inside, I was warmly welcomed by organisers with a mug of prosecco, and an overflow of influencers, Tiktokers and friends of Sophie’s, all here to celebrate the launch of her new concept gallery.

Sophie Tea art gallery

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I was eager to look around – giving the exterior, and I knew the pieces of art I was about to see would be one-of-a-kind.

I headed towards the middle of the chic reception room and noticed a range of eye-striking art – including a selection of mini colour paintings shining in the reflection of the light, and a baby pink feathered frame gathered around a huge mirror.

Main room of gallery

After analysing each corner of the reception room, I headed downstairs to ‘The Gallery’ which featured quirky items of furniture and her painting, Fluidity – an art print exploding with water inspired colours.

In here, I met the main woman Sophie herself, who is as pleasant to speak with as the art on her walls.

Fluidity painting

We spoke about the development of the gallery and the creative ideas behind each rooms theme – each individually designed with a new era of art work.

After our brief chatter, I headed downstairs and explored the pink room – the main attraction was the heart-shaped sofa that was placed in front of peep holes, featuring mini prints of art, and mini cardboard cut-outs of Sophie.

Launch party

Last but not least, my favourite room of them all, was the mirrored room found on the bottom floor of the gallery.

I had never seen a room quite like this before – the walls, ceiling and floors were covered in mirrors, and one wall had moving figures of art bursting with imagination – the room was trippy, bright, and crazy, and I loved every minute of it.

After spending devoted time in each room of the gallery, I headed back upstairs to chat amongst the Sophie fans whilst enjoying another mug of prosecco along with a mini cupcake – which of course, had to be baby pink.

Sophie Tea’s gallery is a new era of her artwork – the vibe is mesmerising and can (and should) be enjoyed by members of the public seven days a week.

I am definitely no art critique, and I sure as hell am no artist, but I am a person who can appreciate the undeniable beauty in art, and Sophie Tea’s gallery was full of uniquely stunning pieces from top to bottom.

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