Chicago Bears Fans React to the Green Bay Packers Loss: A Fan's Take

Few things are more dependable than the Chicago Bears fans and their distaste for the Green Bay Packers. For the most die-hard fan, the Packers loss yesterday was sweet revenge for the regular season losses that the Bears suffered against their sworn enemies. How are Bears fans reacting to the game?

"It feels almost as good as when the bears won the NFC championship!" April Bass, Chicago.

Some Chicagoans took an analytical approach, thinking that the Packers had the technical skill to go to the Super Bowl, but were given just too much rest before the playoff game. Does the bye week affect a team's chances to make it through the playoffs unscathed?

"Honestly at some point this year for some reason, I started being an Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews fan. Just appreciation for their craft, I suppose. I think they should have gone to the Super Bowl. Bye weeks in the playoffs are never a good idea, as we saw last year as Bears fans." Jessica Rabe, Joliet.

The Green Bay Packers were trying to recapture the glory of last year's season, with their Super Bowl victory. It seemed like the Packers were well on their way, with only one loss in the regular season. Given their performance throughout the year, did they deserve a trip to Indianapolis?

Green Bay Packers fan Kelsey Kooima reacted this way to the efforts of her team against the New York Giants, "Rodgers did (deserve to go to the Super Bowl) the rest of the team didn't."

Of course, whether the Packers won or lost, the outcome of the Chicago Bears season would not have changed. It is, however, nice to see the Packers lose after seeing the Bears lose to them in the regular season. Now the bigger question remains; will the Bears build up their offense enough in the off-season to be a threat to the Packers next season?