Chichester is the sunniest city in the UK, according to league table that puts Cardiff as the wettest

If sunshine is your thing, you might want to think about moving to Chichester.

Apparently the West Sussex cathedral city is the sunniest city in the UK.

According to a league table by Anchor Pumps, compiled from data from the Met Office, Chichester basks in an average of 1920.8 hours of sunshine a year.

It’s followed by Plymouth which comes in second in the top ten sunniest cities list, enjoying 1730.1 hours of sunshine, while Salisbury takes third place with 1689.4 hours of sunshine.

The league tables come as Britain prepares to bask in sunshine and 25C temperatures this week.

Chichester tops the table of the top 10 sunniest cities in the UK (Picture: Anchor Pumps)

At the other end of the scale, it might come as no surprise that Glasgow is the UK’s least sunniest city.

With an average of 1203.1 hours of sunshine each year, the Scottish city is the most likely to be overcast. Second place goes to another Scottish city, Inverness followed by Armagh in Northern Ireland.


But before you start getting blue about being in the least sunny city, it could be worse.

According to the league tables from Anchor Pumps, Cardiff is officially the UK’s wettest city with average annual rainfall sitting at 1151.9mm.

Might need your brolly – Wales has the two wettest cities in the UK, followed by Scotland (Picture: Anchor Pumps)

That might not come as a surprise to those who live there, says Anchor, as they are well-versed in dealing with flash flooding and an overflowing River Taff.

And Cardiff isn’t the only Welsh city with a water problem, with St David’s coming in second in the table.

But it’s back to Scotland for third place, with Glasgow securing the title of third wettest city in the UK with average rainfall of 1124.3mm,

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